Happy 35th anniversary to one of my favorite game series, MegaMan! The X-2 armor upgrade is one of my favorite designs of the X series so this kit was on my radar as soon as Kotobukiya released it! The kit beautifully portrays the look of the armor down to its details!

The build however is another story. While the original kit had some pretty big seamlines to fill, this kit will have you do some heavy masking since you’ll have to protect the other colors of the kit from being painted over. That was hell to deal with including the joints having paint scratch off while posing. Thankfully I was able to get some pretty nice photos including some shoryuken pics using the flame parts of the rising fire kit!

Build Details


  • Kit looks great and represents the X-2 upgrade armor well
  • Comes with a variety of faces and hand manipulators for posing
  • Parts can be cross fitted with other armor sets


  • Closing seam lines on this kit is even worse than the original due to the armor layering
  • Joints are extremely prone to paint scratching on a painted build
  • A lot of masking needed if painting and closing seamlines

Paints Used:

  • Blue: Gaia evo blue surfacer then 70% Hobby Mio Gloss blue+ 30% premium Blue
  • Light Blue:Gaia evo blue surfacer then 80% Mr Hobby light blue + 20% air superiority blue
  • Yellow: Anchoret RX Yellow
  • White: Mr Surfacer 1200 then Hobby Mio Mecha white
  • Grey: Anchoret ZGMF Cold Grey light
  • Black: Mr surfacer 1200 then Gaia Frost Matte Black
  • Red: Gaia Evo Pink Primer then Hobby Mio Premium Red
  • Beam effect orange: Evo Pink Primer then 70% florescent orange+ 30% Orange yellow mix. Then 80% yellow with 20% white for highlighting

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