Now that the Cerulean project is completed, you might have seen this EVA unit 00 in the books that went out! This build was done as a part of the Cerulean project as well as a group EVA buildoff that a few of my fellow builders took a part of! Together the kits look amazing as a team, I must admit.

For this build, I painted up the Shield of Virtue that comes with the EVA unit 03 kit. I’ve also mostly completed the positron cannon that came with the deluxe Eva unit 00 kit but, that Operation Yashima diorama I’ve been wanting to make will have to wait quite a while for me to get to. One day, I’ll make it!

Build Details


  • The Eva kits have amazing articulation, able to pull a great range of poses
  • many different fixed hand options to choose from
  • Adds a lot of detail and color separation out of Box on the OG design
  • Nearly MG size!


  • Shoulders are a pain to pose around and prone to scratch the arm
  • builds between other Eva units differ little in build and with what’s included
  • arm gets loose quite often while posing

Paints Used:

Orange Yellow: Evo yellow primer then AOK Orange 2 and a bit of anchoret orange yellow

White: Hobby Mio gloss white

Grey: Mr Hobby 1200 surfacer then Joint grey+purple+dark grey mix

Black: Mr Hobby 1200 surfacer then Gaia Frost Matte Black

Inner frame Dark Grey: Anchoret Cold Grey

Metallic Grey: Mr Hobby 1200 surfacer then star bright iron

Red: Gaia Evo Pink Primer then Hobby Mio premium red

Beam effect orange: Evo Pink Primer then 70% florescent orange+ 30% Orange yellow mix. Then 80% yellow with 20% white for highlighting

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