The RG God Gundam is a pretty amazing update on a series that’s experienced a gunpla drought for quite some time! Since this was for a commission, I kept the poses for the photoshoot simple to prevent the kit from getting scratched. Looking forward to eventually making kit for my collection with the p bandai expansion set that I just received!

Build Details


  • Might have the greatest range of motion for an RG kit which can lead to some great dynamic posing
  • A much needed update on a design that has mostly gone dormant in gunpla
  • Undergated pieces are always a plus
  • A good mix between the simplistic hg design and the detail and flexibility of the HiRM version
  • Segmenting of armor looks great out of the box and is easy to add color separation to


  • The head joint tends to interfere with opening up the chest
  • Mold lines on small rg pieces are a pain to get rid of
  • Parts of the kit are susceptible to scratching if not careful posing the kit

Paint Used

Blue: Gaia blue surfacer then finishers pure blue

Yellow: Gaia yellow surfacer, then 60% Orange Yellow + 40% Yellow

Orange: florescent orange base coat then 80% Orange yellow+20% flat white

White: mr surfacer 1200 then gloss white

Grey white: Mr surfacer 1200 then zgmf gray

Red: Gaia pink surfacer then hobby mio premium red

Dark Grey: Mr surfacer 1200 then hobby mio dark grey

Inner frame Dark Grey: Mr surfacer 1200 then Hobby mio medium gray

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