The design from the Liaoya unit is something that grew on me over time. At first the huge sword seemed like a bit of an odd weapon in its universe with both heat and beam weaponry, but with a few tweaks to the color scheme I made it into a giant beam sword! To demonstrate its power, I created a mini diorama of Shenlong Gundam slicing through some debris, with some heat gradient effect. The end result turned out pretty well, and I’m considering turning it into a larger scale diorama in the future!

The kit comes with the standard MG Gundam wing inner frame which is decently articulated and allows for a good range of movement. Most of the weaponry included with the kit is quite heavy, including the sword, so there is a stand included to help support its weight. I have found that a figma stand works a bit better posing the since the base can connect to the stand and it allows for more dynamic posing. The sword and shield have a great gimmick with a retractable wire in which excess wire can be stored inside the shield and spun back out when needed. It’s really an impressive gimmick for a slightly modified existing kit!

Since I’m a bigger fan of the Endless Waltz/Altron colors, I decided to give this kit a color scheme similar to those. The end result of both pre-shading black and post-shading white for the greens came out extremely well and made for a hell of a photo shoot; check out the full gallery of poses!

Future Diorama?

Beam Sword

Dragon Claw

Cutting through debris

Build Details


  • Sword has a neat wire gimmick with the shield that works well
  • Kit has pretty good articulation
  • Great panel lining and detailing opportunities


  • Stand that comes included for the sword isn’t articulated; Use a figma one instead!
  • No updated design leads to a lot of fallen skirts and limbs when posing
  • P-Bandai prices

Paints Used:

  • Green: Preshade w/ Black then 90%Bright Green+10% RLM82 Light Green. After mixing, added unspecified amount of white to adjust the shade of green accordingly. Added White for highlights
  • Light(er) Green: Preshade w/ Black then 70%Bright Green+20% RLM82 Light Green+10% White. Added white for highlights
  • Flourescent green: 80% Flourescent green+20%White
  • White: Intermediate Blue (60%) + white (40%) preshade. Then White (100%)
  • Red:  Preshade w/ black then 100% Wine red, then add a yellow for highlights
  • Yellow: Mr. Color 113 – RLM04 Yellow
  • Grey: 90% dark grey+10% white. Added white for highlights
  • Copper: Mr Metal Color 215 Copper
  • Tamiya TS 100, Bright gun metal
  • Tamiya TS 30 Silver Leaf

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