RG Crossbone X1

Looks like i made it just in time for RGvember! I don’t know much about the Gundam Crossbone other than a brief encounter in Super Robot Wars, but sign me up for pirate-themed Gundams! Initially, this kit wasn’t very high up on my list of to-do builds, but after building it, I’ll admit that the kit is incredible. First, the Crossbone includes a plethora of weapons only rivaled by the RG 00 Raiser. The kit includes the Zanbuster, 2 brand markers, heat daggers, beam sabers, anchors, beam shield, anti-beam coating cloak. Phew! This in conjunction with the great articulation of the kit allows for a wide variety of display options which made for a great photoshoot! The RG Crossbone also sports some incredible detail whether it’s the core fighter, crossbone eyepatch, facial scars, Zanbuster, or battle damage on the beam cloak. For those of you that love painting in details for your kits, this one is for you!

For this build, I got a chance to use my favorite paint again, Titans blue! I painted much of the beam weaponry fluorescent pink which turned out really well white highlights. I also painted in some of the details like the pipes, thruster bells, and facial scars in. Much like other RGs, this kit has plenty of minute details that can be painted as so desired. I appreciate not having to buy P-bandai to get the beam cloak included too!

The RG Crossbone is a hard kit not to recommend simply because it comes loaded with so many extra weaponry at a cheap price point. This kit builds on Bandai’s run of stellar RG kits, which is quickly becoming everyone’s favorite line (EVA kit next????). Gundam Crossbone is a series I’m not too familiar with, but after building the kit, I’m hoping that it someday has an anime adaptation of the manga!

Beam Melee Weaponry

Beam Zanbuster

Build Details


  • Comes with a plethora of weapon options
  • Unique pirate aesthetic is a breath of fresh air
  • Good articulation including an articulated cape!
  • Great detailing whether its the “scars” on the face, holes in the cape, or core fighter


  • MS is tiny in comparison to its contemporaries
  • the emblem on the chest is a sticker
  • ankle parts sometimes stifle movement
  • Be ready for this kit to have many P-Bandai variations

Paints Used:

  • Blue: 80% Titans color 2+ 20%white. Added drops of white for highlights
  • Yellow: 60% White+40%Orange-yellow
  • White: intermediate blue preshade followed by white
  • Red: Wine red, added yellow for highlights
  • Pink: Mixed wine red with white to get a hot pink color
  • Grey: Neutral Grey
  • Tamiya TS 100, Bright gun metal

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