I received this kit as part of the r/gunpla secret santa, so a big thanks to u/premegarment for gifting me this kit! The Fenice Renicita is an interesting take on the Wing Gundam design with noticeable changes for the head, legs and shoulder design. While the biggest difference is the color scheme, going into this build, I decided to go with the classic Wing Gundam color scheme and opted for blue rather green. The finished result is more reminiscent of the Fenice Renicita Abla version, with some slight color revisions in areas. See? No need to waste money on P-Bandai here!

The kit comes with some neat additions like a beam cloak and an extra beam rifle/saber that can be put together with the buster rifle. Normally, I don’t like to transform kits due to easily scratching the paintwork done on the kit, but the Renicita’s transformation is relatively simple and looks awesome in bird form! Even better, you can attach the additional weaponry and beam cloaks onto the bird form. Luckily, the kit also comes with a stand to help support the weight of this form and its wings. My only gripes with this kit are the wing-style manipulators that make holding weaponry a pain and the bad nub placement on the kit. Other than that, this is probably my favorite Gundam Wing variation due to the upgrades to the original design and effect parts!

Build details and kit review to follow the gallery:

Action poses w/weaponry

Bird mode

Build Details


  • Great looking update on a classic Gundam 
  • Kit includes a stand
  • Lots of weaponry and extras included with the cape including a beam cloak (so cool!)
  • Transformation is relatively easy and painless to do


  • Nub mark placement isn’t great.  Gonna need to sand down visible nubs.
  • Wing-style hand manipulators aren’t the best; they constantly fall out
  • Wing backpack weight can make balancing standing poses a bit difficult 
  • changing between forms can scratch paintwork 

Paints Used:

  • White: Grey primer followed by flat black preshade then flat white with a drop of neutral gray
  • Blue: Grey primer followed by Colbalt blue 80%+ 20% bright blue + few drops of white.  Added White for highlights
  • Red:  Grey primer followed by flat black preshade then flat red with a few drops of white
  • Yellow: Orange base coat followed with white.  Then used 90% flat yellow+ 10% orange
  • Tamiya TS 100, Bright gun metal
  • Mr. Metal Color, Copper

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