I have always been intrigued by the design of the Sinanju Stein, but it wasn’t until I viewed the Gundam NT movie that I decided to pull this kit from my backlog and get to work on it. Well done Sunrise/Bandai!

For this build, I decided to modify some of the colors like painting a brighter shade of white, light blue and painting the majority of vents russet. The end result kept much of the color scheme faithful to the original design, while enhancing the color contrast between parts. Since the kit didn’t include a Zoltan pilot figure, I took it upon myself to make one by swapping out the face with Trowa Barton’s and painting it in the color of Zoltan’s Sleeves uniform. The Frankenstein-ed figure turned out great , but I can’t even fathom painting some of the micro details like the sleeves logo and face on such a tiny figure!

The kit itself reuses a lot of the runners from the original Sinanju Stein Ver. Ka. In fact, you’ll end up with a nearly identical kit other than some minor differences like sleeves iconography, longer fuel tanks and a different colored inner frame. After completing the kit, you’ll end up with about 8 extra runners with entire grey inner frame runners being unused. Even though you are given a good amount of choice to mix and match parts (you can make the Ver ka beam rifle!), I can’t help but wonder if the extra runners helped balloon this kit’s price to its $70-80 price tag.

The end result is a huge mobile suit that is sturdy and has great articulation with some beefy weapons to match. I love that the bazooka can be attached to the beam rifle and that the grenade launcher can be attached to the shield. Because the beam rifle+bazooka combination can throw off the balance of the kit, attaching the shield can help which can counterbalance that weight. I also got to try out the reverse-wash technique which didn’t turn out as clean as I intended, but certainly looks better than using the included stickers. The sleeves iconography helps to break up some of the color monotony present in the Ver. ka kit. On the downside, you won’t be getting those sweet waterslides included with the previous kit. Luckily, if you decide to use the stickers included, the clear borders won’t be super visible since they’ll be placed on mostly white/grey parts. While it’s purely subjective as to whether this is the definitive version of the Sinanju Stein, it’s one MS that certainly deserves to be in everyone’s collection regardless of which kit you choose!

Build details and kit review to follow the gallery:

Beam Rifle/Bazooka

Beam Saber


Build Details


  • Sturdy and has good articulation
  • Good amount of accessories and weaponry included
  • Color changes and design differences from the Ver. Ka kit help them “pop” more
  • Hulking beast of a kit that gives you options to mix and match parts from the original Ver. Ka kit


  • Sleeves markings are made with stickers and uses some of them for some color separation rather than printing color-correct parts
  • loss of included waterslides from the Ver. Ka kit
  • Kit includes Full Frontal pilot figure rather than Zoltan
  • Big price tag (possibly due to the amount of used and unused runners used for the kit)

Paints Used:

  • White: Grey primer followed by neutral grey preshade then 70% Off White with 30% Blue Grey
  • Light Blue: Grey primer followed by neutral grey preshade then 60% white with 40% Air Superiority Blue
  • Blue : Grey Primer followed by Tamiya Blue then added drops of white for highlights
  • Brown: 60% Dark grey with 40% Mahogany
  • Red:  Mr Color Russet
  • Grey: Mr Color Dark Grey
  • Silver: Tamiya Silver Leaf
  • Tamiya TS 100, Bright gun metal

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