SSJ2 Gohan

Took a breather from gunpla to make a Dragon Ball Figure-rise kit from one of my favorite animes I grew up with! Even though this isn’t my first figure-rise kit, I decided to experiment with a few new techniques like adding scuff marks to the skin and clothes and blood. I think the result came out great and definitely is more reminiscent of the Gohan’s look facing off against Perfect Cell. I tried to create a variety of poses from the show as well by playing with angles and effect parts.

The build itself wasn’t too complicated with only a few runners with the kit. Like much of the other figure-rise kits, the DBZ kits have a “muscle build up” system where you layer parts on top of each other to resemble muscles. The hair functions in a similar fashion. With a bit of shading, these parts can look great!

Build Details


  • Interesting build up system
  • Good amount of articulation with arm joints that can be extended forward
  • Comes with kamehameha effect parts


  • Not enough face plates with different expressions included
  • No action base included to help create fighting posts
  • Needs a bit of work to look more anime-accurate

Paints Used:

  • Purple: 60% Gaia Violet+ 40% white + a bit of Florescent blue
  • Blue: 70% Gaia Colbalt blue+20% Bright blue+ 10%white
  • Yellow: Base coat of Orange, then add white for preshade. Then 60% Orange Yellow + 40% Yellow with drops of white added for highlight
  • Brown: 40%white+20% brown FS30219 + 40% orange
  • Flesh: Preshade with brown mix then 50% flesh + 40% Character flesh + some orange, some char pink
  • White: 50% Gaia EX white + 50% Gaia steel white

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