Here is my entry for Plamo Lab’s “Summer Slam” contest! Since the hands for this kit seemed a bit smol, @mech_case was kind enough to let me try out his 1/100 scale 3D printed resin hands and was extremely pleased with the result! The expressions I was able to make using the resin hands were better suited to match the photos I wanted to take with the Epyon than the standard fixed Gundam Wing hands. Take a look!

Left: Mech Case 3D printed hands, Right: OG Epyon hands

For this build I wanted to use a stronger shade of maroon than the original brownish Epyon color, and Nazca pink surfacer was key to doing that! Colored surfacers really help accentuate your paints by making them more vibrant. Another goal for this build was to experiment with heat gradient shading on the heat rod which was done by using three layers of shading; first orange, then orange yellow and finally adding white to the orange yellow mixture. The result came out quite well! I also added some scribing detail to some of the blank areas like the wings and the legs.

The Epyon shares a similar inner frame to the rest of the MG Gundam Wing kits and is quite articulate for a build that has a transformation. Some of the more unique aspects of the kit is the multijointed heat rod and the wings that can open and close. My only gripes with this kit are that the big heat rod and beam saber have some trouble being held up due to their weight and the huge wings make this a kit that is easier to pose with an action base. Luckily I managed to grab some nice shots of this kit for the competition!

Build Details


  • Heat whip is multi-jointed
  • Quite articulate for a kit that has a transformation
  • Wings can open and close for better posing
  • One of the more “unique” designs from Gundam Wing


  • Beam saber and heat whip setup are difficult for the arms to hold up
  • Huge wings make this a kit to use an action base with
  • Decals on curved parts for this kit are not fun to place

Paints Used:

  • Epyon red: Nazca pink surfacer followed by 70% Wine red+ 20% char red +10% White
  • Yellow: Orange base coat followed by 60% orange yellow+ 40% yellow. Post shade with white
  • Orange: Nazca pink surfacer followed by Base coat of Orange, then add white for preshade. Then 70% Orange Yellow + 30% Yellow with drops of white added for highlight
  • White: Gaia steel white
  • Dark Grey: At first used 60% gaia neutral gray 3 40%+ dark seagrey (mr color 331) but was too light. Added 50% gaia flat black to to that mix
  • Navy Blue: Nazca light mechanical sufacer then 70% flat black+ 30% colbalt blue then clear blue coat
  • Purple Grey: 70% joint grey + 30% lavender
  • Green: 40% Flourscent blue +30% Flourescent green + 30% Mr. Color Gloss clear
  • Beam Saber Green: Base coat silver followed by fluorescent green

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