Painting the kit, I went with a lighter shade of blue reminiscent of the manga.  This is one of the more unique builds due to all the weaponry and vinyl coverings.  I thought the build was quite fun and has a great overall look in the end. Builders can either go with the full armor look or take the plating off.  However, the FA-78 is quite bulky and has trouble supporting the weight of some weaponry included in the kit.  Be sure to have a spare stand ready because the stand included with the kit can hardly hold up this beast!  Kit review and build details following the image gallery. Enjoy!




Kit Review:

  • Lots of intricate details
  • Armor can be removed and missle pods can open up
  • Ludicrous amount of weaponry
  • Great overall look and design
  • Waterslides are included
  • Some thrusters and boosters can be moved around
  • Fun build
  • Vinyl material gives mobile suit an authentic look


  • Included stand can’t fully support weight of kit
  • Arm can’t fully support the weight of the beam cannons and shields
  • Articulation suffers in some points in full armor mode
  • A bit of a pain to pose

Paints used:

  • Mr. Color S81, Russet
  • Tamiya TS 15, Blue
  • Tamiya TS 45, Pearl White
  • Tamiya TS 38, gun metal
  • Tamiya TS 42, light gun metal
  • Tamiya TS 82, Rubber black

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