Hey everyone, this will probably be my last build for a while as my wife and I just welcomed our second kid! I still have plenty of completed builds to photograph, so still expect new posts, but in the meantime, I probably won’t have much time to build!

The geara doga resin kit has been a build a long time in the making thanks to @08thstudio that turned out better than I expected! Thankfully the resin kit had a lot of good detail with little modifications needed. The most I did to mod the kit was to replace the rubber piping with metal ones. The rubber version from the og kit just had seamlines that ran right down the middle of the tube. I added some additional color separation to certain parts which really helped the kit stand out in the finished result.

Even though I’ll be busy with the new kid, I’m hoping to update with posts on a monthly basis for kits I’ve finished prior!

Build Details


  • Great amount of detail and good quality for resin parts
  • Parts fit pretty well for the most part doesn’t require much modification
  • Includes an option backpack with rifle for a different loadout


  • Kit is hard to get these days
  • While not any fitting issues, some big seamlines to close
  • Color separation needed can be annoying to add

Paints Used:

  • Green: Mr Hobby 1200 surfacer then 80% AOK Green 7 + 20% AOK Green 3
  • Light Green: Mr Hobby 1200 Surfacer then AOK Green 6
  • Black Green: My Hobby 1200 surfacer then 40% Gaia CB-12 Dark Green 2 + 60% Gloss black
  • White: Hobby Mio Mecha White
  • Orange Yellow: Evo yellow primer then 80% Gaia Mandarin orange with 20% florescent orange/orange yellow mix
  • Grey: Mr Hobby 1200 surfacer then Hobby Mio Medium Grey
  • Red accents: Tamiya enamel red
  • Yellow accents: Tamiya enamel yellow
  • Beam effect orange: Evo Pink Primer then 70% florescent orange+ 30% Orange yellow mix. Then 80% yellow with 20% white for highlighting

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