This was a short build I fit in between summer slam and starting a bunch of resin kits! The Gundam X design was one of my favorites as a kid, so it felt good to do it justice! I added some color shift paint on the clear purple parts that came out pretty well when reflected off the light. Additionally, some light scribing added some much needed detail to some of the parts on this kit! I tried not to fiddle around too much with the satellite canon poses as I have heard the connection part breaks easily. Luckily I was at least able to create the cool box art pose!

Build Details


  • Great detailed kit for a lesser appreciated Gundam series
  • Satellite Canon effect combination with reflective sticker and clear cover look great!
  • Reuses much of the Gundam Wing EW kits frame so parts are most likely interchangeable


  • Some parts suffer from a loose connection like the heel which falls off constantly (also cant be glued on)
  • Satellite cannon parts make the kit pretty back heavy and apparently the connection joint is easy to break

Paint Used

  • Purple: Black base coat then Mr hobby colorshift amethyst (i think)
  • Blue: Gaia blue surfacer then hobby mio premium blue
  • Yellow: Gaia yellow surfacer, then 60% Orange Yellow + 40% Yellow
  • Orange: 80% Orange yellow+20% flat white
  • White: mr surfacer 1200 then gloss white
  • Grey white: Mr surfacer 1200 then AOK white 3
  • Red: Gaia pink surfacer then hobby mio premium red
  • Dark Grey: ZGMF Cold Grey
  • Inner frame Dark Grey: Anchoret Cold Grey


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