HG Ground Gundam

Here’s my entry for the Plamo Labs discord Summer Slam competition. Although I probably should have spent longer than two weeks on the build, I always appreciate the chance to use more experimental techniques to push myself past my normal comfort zone for my builds. For this build, I employed the use of a lot of 3d printed parts and did some scribing work. Compared to my build of this kit nearly 4 years ago, I’m impressed with the amount of improvement i’ve been able to make over time. While I probably could have used a few more weeks to clean up and refine the kit, I was able to create a build that looks like it could be a mid tier garage kit!

Build Details


  • A variety of weapons and accessories included out the box
  • great articulation and detailing
  • a lot of value for your money


  • painting the kit makes it easy to scratch when extending limbs for poses
  • kit has a ton of trouble standing on its own due to the weight of the backpack
  • ab crunch area is a bit loose and joints for legs cant easily swivel left or right due to design

Paints Used:

  • White: Mr surfacer 1200 then 60% mecha white+ 30% Anchoret Cold Grey light + 10% light blue
  • Light Grey: Mr surfacer 1200 then Anchoret ZGMF Cold Grey light
  • Blue: Mr Surfacer 1200 then Anchoret dark blue
  • Thruster Blue: Hobby Mio Gloss Blue
  • Yellow: Mr Surfacer 1200 then 80% AOK orange yellow+20% Anchoret RX Yellow
  • Black: Mr Surfacer 1200 then Frost matte black
  • Brown: Mr surfacer 1200 then Mr color brown+ some tan
  • Dark Grey: Mr Surfacer 1200 then ZGMF Cold Grey
  • Inner frame Dark Grey: Mr Surfacer 1200 then Hobby mio dark grey
  • Red: Mr Surfacer 1200 then Hobby Mio Premium Red
  • Beam effect orange: Evo Pink Primer then 70% florescent orange+ 30% Orange yellow mix. Then 80% yellow with 20% white for highlighting

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