The RG Hi Nu builds upon the already amazing RG Nu with its bulkier design that somehow manages to remain just as sturdy! I had a chance to use the fantastic Anchoret Hi Nu paints and felt that replacing the silver colored parts with orange yellow or copper really helped the entire color scheme pop more. With the addition of red accents, a metallic green psycho frame parts and 3d printed parts from Anubis, the whole build came together nicely to make a look I’m extremely proud of!

The final build of the kit is surprisingly sturdy with the only downside of having to position the fuel tanks to offset the weight of the backpack and funnels. The kit really shines using a stand where the Hi Nu is able to do all sorts of poses thanks to excellent articulation. It’s a shame there’s a lack of included fin funnel holders which can only be found with the out of stock figurerise funnel effect part set. Luckily, I was able to find two of the holders I had from that set to make some nice photos with some effect parts I picked up from newtypehq.

While I wasn’t able to finish the hyper mega bazooka pbandai expansion in time for this post, expect it sometime in the near future, as I was finally able to get the grework decals for it!

Build Details


  • Builds on the already stellar RG Nu design
  • Sturdy kit that is mostly able to hold up with help from the fuel tanks
  • Undergrated parts are a big plus


  • Building/painting 6 funnels is as tedious as ever + sanding the mold lines
  • Kit doesn’t really reach it’s full potential without a stand or fin funnel holders

Paints Used:

  • Blue 1: 70% Anchoret Hi Nu Blue+30% hi nu blue 3
  • Blue 2: Anchoret Hi Nu Blue 3
  • White: surfacer1200 then 60% Mr color 311+ 40% Mr color 316
  • Yellow: Gaia yellow orange
  • Light Grey: Anchoret ZGMF Cold blue Grey light
  • Dark Grey: ZGMF Cold Grey
  • Inner frame Dark Grey: Anchoret Cold Grey
  • Copper: Mr. Metal Color 215
  • Red: Gaia Evo Pink Primer then Gaia flame red
  • Effect part pink: Evo Pink Primer then 80% Gaia floresencent pink with 20% white mix. Added white for highlights

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