Incoming birthday build! Leave it up to Bandai to take a mobile suit design that I initially had no interest in and really turn it into something special! The RG Zeong continues the hot streak the Bandai is on with the RG line and for this build I spared no expense posing it with the effect parts that came with the Last shooting set!

The RG Zeong is perfect kit for those looking to put a lot of detailing into the inner frame with some impressive out of the box detailing on both the interior and on the surface. For this build, I added a lot of panel line scribing particularly on the waist area that was a bit challenging, but turned out great in the end result! The kit has some amazing articulation in the waist, head, monoeye and fingers lending itself to some great poses! The monoeyes have a similar mechanic to the zaku monoeyes where the eye will track when you move the head left and right but goes a step further by moving being able to move it up into the visor area. My only gripe is that the stands that can hold up the hands when using the wire are not very big, meaning you’ll have to find another means to pose them higher or keep them low to the ground. Out of the box, the kit comes with some great color separation, and I added my own spin on the greys and blues using a lot of the anchoret paints I stocked up on last year. For a kit that I was not interested in design wise, Bandai put out a stellar kit that really helped capture my attention with the intricate details and it’s one of my favorite RG builds to date!

Check out some of the action pictures I was able set up below!

Build Details


  • RG design has a ton of interesting open hatch and thruster detailing that can be done
  • Mono eye and individual finger articulation are great
  • Adds a lot of detail and color separation out of Box on the OG design


  • Sanding the mold lines on the fingers and masking between the joints for painting is not a fun time
  • beam effects included in deluxe set are mostly reused effect parts
  • Can be a bit dull posing without the effect parts

Paints Used:

  • Blue: Anchoret light colbalt
  • Thruster Blue: ZGMF Blue
  • Purple: Anchoret Hi Nu Purple 1
  • Yellow: Anchoret RX Yellow
  • Grey: Anchoret ZGMF Cold Grey light
  • Dark Grey: ZGMF Cold Grey
  • Inner frame Dark Grey: Anchoret Cold Grey
  • Metallic Grey: G paint Dark Iron
  • Red: Gaia Evo Pink Primer then Gaia flame red
  • Beam effect orange: Evo Pink Primer then 70% florescent orange+ 30% Orange yellow mix. Then 80% yellow with 20% white for highlighting

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