First commission of the year is completed! The client requested the FM Barbatos Lupus Rex with color choices similar to the metal build and sharpened claws to match. I rarely use metallic paint, so capturing a more gloss look for the inner frame was fun to try out. Additionally, extending the claws was an interesting challenge where I sanded down some spare runners to form the pointy claws reminiscent of the show. The result was truly menacing!

Building the FM kit did remind me of how good we have it with the MG Barbatos though. Since the FM kits reuse a lot of the inner frame parts, the armor doesn’t fit very tightly on the frame and in some cases causes big seamlines. Since the giant mace is impossible for the kit to hold up without the extra stand, I tried to tighten up the joints a bit to help a little with that. A lot of the color separation had to be done manually with masking including those symbols on the knees. I think I’ll be doing a 6th form this year for a contest, so I can’t wait to get back to building the MG form of the Barbatos!

Build Details


  • Good amount of detailing for a FM kit
  • Captures the “feral” nature of the Lupus rex with separate claw parts and tail
  • Great value kit (if you can find it for MSRP prices)
  • Can mix and match with other FM kit parts


  • Some parts don’t fit well or cause huge seam lines due to the recycled FM 1/100 frame
  • Mace is impossible to hold upright without support due to reused frame parts
  • lacks multi layered colored parts which makes masking and color separating a pain
  • Wire for tail isn’t strong enough to hold it up

Paints Used:

  • Blue 1: ZGMF Blue
  • White: E-7 XL-04 Semi gloss white with a few drops of Anchoret cold grey light on top of Mr Surfacer 1200
  • Gold: Black base coat then Gaia Bright gold with a few drops of Mr. Color Hyaku Shiki gold
  • Pipe gold: DSPAIE Turquoise Gold
  • Silver: Mr Hobby GX rough silver
  • Light Grey: A few drops of Anchoret ZGMF Cold Grey light+ Anchoret white 3
  • Dark Grey: ZGMF Cold Grey
  • Inner frame metallic: Black Base coat then 40% Mr Hobby Metallic steel + 60% Gaia Metallic Black
  • Mace & other inner frame parts: Black Base coat then Mr. Hobby Metallic Steel
  • Red: Mr surfacer then 70% Gaia flame red+30% red madder


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