As my second resin kit, I’m lucky to have worked on a kit with such an excellent cast as the Extreme Squad Barbatos Lupus kit! This kit has been a work in progress for quite some time since last year so I’m extremely pleased the end result came out so well! A special thank you to @08thstudio for his outstanding touch ups to these photos!

The extreme squad Barbatos Lupus kit works off the Full Mechanics 1/100 kit as its base kit. Although the FM kit was one of the more polished 1/100 IBO kits, it still is vastly inferior to the MG Barbatos kit in terms of articulation and posability. Fortunately, the resin kit adds a lot of much needed details to that base kit and looks far more aesthetically pleasing with the adjusted proportions as a result. Another neat addition to the kit is the Metal Gear Rising inspired blade and sheathe which I opted to make into a heat based weapon. These look like natural additions to the Barbatos Lupus arsenal and are far easier to hold up compared to the mace. Lastly, the kit comes with a lot of optional photo etch parts which will not only enhance the look of your kit but also cut down a bit of the insane amount of masking needed to do this kit justice from painting.

Overall, the amazing cast this kit received makes it one of my highest recommended resin kits to date! Though a MG will most likely be in the cards for Bandai, only time will tell when they will actually make it!

Build Details


  • Best looking version of the Barbatos Lupus out to date!
  • Cast quality is fantastic with with lots of details accentuated by the photo etch parts
  • Extra Sheath and sword are much more weight friendly compared to the mace


  • Some parts suffer from a loose connection like the heel which falls off constantly (also cant be glued on)
  • FM Barbatos still has issues lifting some of its heavy weaponry
  • prepare to mask a lot!

Paint Used

  • Dark Blue: Finishers super fine colbalt + some White
  • Lighter blue: 70% Gaia Colbalt blue+ 30%white
  • Yellow: Base coat of Orange, then 60% Orange Yellow + 40% Yellow with drops of white added for highlight
  • Orange: 80% Orange yellow+20% flat white
  • White: 50% steel white + 50% EX white
  • Red: 60% Gaia Bright red + 40% Florescent Red
  • Metallic: 70%Gaia Star bright + 30% flat black
  • Dark Grey: Neutral grey IV + some Neutral Gray III

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