HG RX-78-2 GTO

Hey everyone, I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I’ve been insanely busy the past month moving to a new home! The HG RX-78-2 GTO version is something I had mostly finished prior to moving that I touched up a bit after getting settled down in the new home. One of the fascinating things about this kit is how it almost perfectly shrinks down the MG version of the kit to 1/144 size replicating almost all of its details and articulation! I took some time to mod the kit through scribing and 3D printed parts to give the kit its own flair and was pretty pleased with the result! I also added some of the effect parts from the RG Zeong kit (coming soon!) for the photoshoot.

To make up for the short post, I’ll be making another post for a build that’s been a long time coming hopefully by the end of the month!

Build Details


  • Shrinks down a fantastic MG to 1/144 size
  • Great articulation and surface detail
  • Includes optional parts for which version of the RX you want to make


  • Shoulders can easily scratch the paint on the body if not careful
  • A bit lacking in terms of extra weaponry

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