I was amazed by how fast the West was able to get the new RG Wing Gundam kit, so as a break between scribing the Zeong I also tried to get out my build fast as well! The RG Wing makes a few tweaks to the design that looks like an in-between of the TV and Katoki designs. As a result, the wings look far more expressive and have a much wider range of movement than the original design. The RG kit also has some color separation for the white parts which I intended to highlight more by using a darker grey tone. I also did some detailing with the vents but other than that, I kept this as a short and simple build which was quite refreshing for me!

Though this kit has a cheaper price point than most of the recent RGs, it also has a few shortcomings. For starters, the “new” bird mode showed off in earlier promo pics isn’t even detailed in the instruction manual, and when you finally try it for yourself, it looks quite silly when taken from the wrong angle. The kit also skips out on a 2nd beam saber handle and the pilot figure while also giving you one of those “new” action base connectors. I don’t know why Bandai has started to include these bases rather than the traditional connectors, but the extra plastic and loose fitting connector, makes it more difficult to pose the connector in steep angles for those flight poses! That being said, the increased stiffness of the arm and leg joints make it possible for the Wing Gundam to hold up its heavy Buster rifle and pose the kit in dynamic poses which complement the increased wing span! It might be a slight oversight, but the extended legs are a much appreciated touch that stands out when you pose the kit next to its fellow RG kits. Overall, I’d recommend the kit especially for those of you into the Gundam Wing designs!

Build Details


  • Great mix of classic Wing design and katoki version!
  • More expressive wings with a wider range of motion than the original Wing Gundam
  • Adds a lot of detail and color separation on top of the Wing design


  • Big wings give the kit some balance issues
  • Alternate Bird mode transformation isnt detailed in manual and looks strange from certain angles
  • kit only comes with one beam saber, no pilot figure and includes the “new” action base connector

Paints Used:

  • Blue: Gaia Evo Blue primer then G Paint Blue
  • Yellow: Anchoret RX Yellow
  • White: Gaia EX white
  • Black: G paint black
  • Grey: Anchoret ZGMF Cold Grey light
  • Red: Gaia Evo Pink Primer then Gaia flame red
  • Dark Grey: Anchoret Cold Grey
  • Internal Grey: Tamiya gunmetal grey
  • Beam Saber: Gaia florescent blue 40%+ Florescent green 40% + Ex gloss clear 20%

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