I finally got around to one of my secret Santa kits from last year! Although I’ve never seen Gundam Seed Destiny, I’ve always thought of the Impulse Gundam as being a sort of Aile Strike Gundam 2.0 with a beefed up design. The kit comes with similar weaponry including a beam rifle, beam sabers, anti armor knives, and a collapsible shield. Even though, I haven’t built the original rg Aile Strike Gundam, this kit seems to have benefited from all the advancements in RG technology including a swivel for the leg joints and a more sturdy frame than the early RG grenades. My main complaint with the kit is that the size of the backpack sometimes makes it difficult for the kit to stand without a base and hinders some of the backwards movement of the shoulders. Otherwise this is another solid RG release from Bandai!

A big shout-out to Studio G for sending me his version 2 G paints to test out on this kit. The paints are quite amazing with improved scratch resistance even when painting plastic unprimed. As someone who loves to create dynamic poses for my photoshoots, I dread the eventual scratch marks my builds will get moving around the limbs. However using G paints, I was able to avoid chipping the paint on my build in several instances where I was sure the paint would have normally scratched doing so. I also appreciate the fact that G paints are so easy to use and come ready to paint in the bottle after shaking it, making it easy to get into quick painting sessions. These are something I would have loved to have when I first started airbrushing because of how simple they make the painting and mixing process. Check out some of the vibrant colors I was able to make on this build!

Build Details


  • Leg joints are on a swivel which expands its movement range
  • Uses modern rg technology for increased stability and movement (over it’s predecessor Aile strike)
  • Several options for how you can display the kit
  • Great detailing and opportunities to customize


  • Some parts tightly fit together like the chest. Be careful of scratching the paint!
  • Big backpack makes the kit difficult to stand up without the right angle or stand to assist
  • Sometimes the big backpack interferes with the range of movement in the shoulders

Paints Used:

  • Blue: Gaia Evo Blue primer then G Paint Blue
  • Light blue: Gaia EVO blue primer
  • Yellow: G paint Yellow
  • Orange: gaia orange+ yellow orange mix
  • White: G paint white
  • Black: G paint black
  • Grey-white: G paint white with a few drops of mr color grey
  • Red: Gaia Evo Pink Primer then G Paint red
  • Dark Grey: Anchoret Cold Grey
  • Internal Grey: G paint gunmetal grey & G paint Dark Iron
  • Beam Saber: Gaia Evo Pink Primer followed by florescent Pink

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