The Hathaways Flash movie came out and I haven’t see much hype for one of its best designs: the Messer! This kit was originally made for the plamolabs Messer buildoff last month. I had the bright idea to combine the backpack and rifle of the HG sinanju stein which I feel suits the Messer’s bulky design far better! Of course, I chose an old favorite color scheme of mine, Titans colors, which fit the kit nicely.

The kit itself is a joy to build; few seam lines and little to no stickers! Even though the kit is large and bulky, it has a surprising amount of articulation and can hold up heavy weaponry without any problem! The kit has a lot of little details and open areas to panel line to add your own flourishes to. My only gripes with the kit is that hg action bases have trouble holding up the weight of the kit and the big back skirts somewhat limit the backward movement of the legs. Otherwise it is a super solid HG kit all around, that I’d highly recommend building!

Build details

Kits used:

-HG Messer

-HG Sinanju Stein


-great design with great articulation
– few seamlines and stickers
– almost as big as a small MG in size!


-Backskirts limit backward leg articulation
– Rifle is a bit tiny for such a large kit

Paints used

Blue: 40%bright blue+ 60% Titans blue II (i think?). Added a bit of white
Dark blue: titans blue I with a but of white
Yellow: Orange base coat followed by 60% orange yellow+ 40% yellow. Post shade with white
Red: Black preshade the 70% Red Madder+30% Rlm23red. Added yellow for post shade
Black: Rubber black. Added white for highlights
Grey: nazca grey surfacer (heavy)
Tamiya TS 100, Bright gun metal
Light grey: light surfacer + white???- I forget!

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