Here is my final entry for the USAG “Clean vs Weathered” contest! The Gyan Kreiger was originally intended to be used for a contest last year, but due to COVID that shipment was delayed by almost a year! In that time, I had a couple kitbash ideas brewing in my mind, and in the end I decided to kitbash the Kreiger with the HGBF Gyancelot, and I must say the kitbash went smoother than I had previously imagined (no modding to fit parts)! The build was a test of my scribing work as I had to do a lot to fill in some of the blank surfaces on the kit. Scribing out areas to fit in 3D parts also worked like a charm and really helped enhance the finished look of the kit. For the paint work, i decided to go with an almost pastel-like blue along with a dark blue to match it. Of course I love my effect parts, so those were shaded in layers with orange. The finished look, gives it sort of a regal-phoenix like look to it which I love!

The final build itself doesn’t have the greatest articulation sadly. I love to put in a lot of dynamic photos for my photoshoots but the Gyan Kreiger can hardly lift up its large lance, spear or shield to hold a pose long enough! I did my best working with what I had but hopefully the pictures I took were good enough for the contest! There is a ton of strong competition, so I’d be lucky to get an honorable mention in! Wish me luck!

Before and After

Build Details

Kits used:

-HG Gyan Kreiger

-HGBF Gyancelot

Paint Used

  • Blue: EVO Blue primer then 40% E7 Too blue+ 30% Gaia Million blue + 30% White
  • Dark Blue: Nazca heavy grey primer then Anchoret 60% ZGMF Dark blue + 40% RX light colbalt
  • Yellow: Base coat of Orange, then add white for preshade. Then 60% Orange Yellow + 40% Yellow with drops of white added for highlight
  • Orange: Evo Pink Primer then 70% florescent orange+ 30% Orange yellow mix. Then 80% yellow with 20% white for highlighting
  • Red: Evo Pink primer then 60% Gaia Flame red+20%florescent red+ 20%white
  • Dark Grey: At first used 60% Gaia neutral gray 3 40%+ dark seagrey (mr color 331) but was too light. Added 50% gaia flat black to to that mix
  • Grey: Nazca heavy grey primer

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