The 00 squad continues to grow! Although the Kyrios isn’t my favorite of the season 1 00 Gundam suits, Bandai built upon the great inner frame of last year’s Dynames to make another stellar addition to the Master Grade line!

Much like the Dynames, the Kyrios sports some outstanding articulation in its waist and shoulders, making it simple to create dynamic poses. In addition the simple transformation to flight mode featured in this kit does not require parts-forming! The finished build itself has a lot of nice surface detail and a unique look that will help it stand out from other kits. Although the Kyrios comes with a good variety of weaponry, my only gripe with the kit is that the missile pods cannot open- something the previous MG Dynames could do.

This kit served as a good opportunity to experiment more with scribing and color separating parts. Although the parts are detailed, they do leave a lot of open area to add scribing or scratch building. Even though my scribing work is still rough around the edges, it is something I am beginning to feel more comfortable doing with the much needed practice. As for color separation, i used a combination of gaia steel white, neutral grey and green accent pla plate to break up some of the monotony of the kit. I was pleased that the orange-yellow highlights weren’t overdone and were just subtle enough to be noticeable. I hope some of you enjoy the sneak preview of my painted strike hangar I used with this build that is nearly complete!

Overall, the new 00 MG line is really shaping up to have some of my favorite MG kits released by Bandai in recent years. Both the Dynames and Kyrios have surpassed expectations making me excited for the possibilities of a MG Virtue and even an Exia 2.0!

Build Details


  • Exceptionally good articulation in the waist and shoulders
  • Flight mode transformation is simple to do
  • Unique MS design that benefits from the outstanding MG Dynames inner frame
  • Great detailed parts that give good opportunities to color separate


  • Missile pods don’t open (even though the dynames had this function!)
  • Stickers for chest piece and surfaces for reflective parts are incredibly easy to ruin

Paints Used:

  • Orange: Base coat of Orange, then add white for preshade. Then 70% Orange Yellow + 30% Yellow with drops of white added for highlight
  • Yellow: Orange base coat followed by 60% orange yellow+ 40% yellow. Post shade with white
  • White: 80% intermediate blue+20%white preshade followed by Gaia steel white
  • Darker white: added some neutral grey II to the gaia steel white paint
  • Red: 50%Wine red+50% Gaia bright red
  • Dark Grey: At first used 60% gaia neutral gray 3 40%+ dark seagrey (mr color 331) but was too light. Added 50% gaia flat black to to that mix
  • Blue grey: I forget the mix, sorry!
  • Black: Gaia flat black 80%+ Gaia neutral grey III 20%. Then flat black 60%+ Neutral grey III 40% to highlight
  • Green: 40% Flourscent blue +30% Flourescent green + 30% Mr. Color Gloss clear

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