RX-78-2 Global ver. Salad

As some of you might know Salad (aka @gundamsalad on twitter) is responsible for making some of my favorite gunpla builds that emulate the style and coloring many Japanese builders might use. This build was my attempt of emulating his style and I even got some of his “secret” paint recipes to do so!

The Rx78-2 Global is another variation kit of the Rx we’re getting this year on top of the fantastic Origin and G-40 versions, but this one happens to be my favorite one aesthetically! The kit sports a slimmed down and unique design paired with great articulation making it possible to create some very unique poses. My major gripe with the kit is that the feet are not on ball joints, making standing poses a pain, but posing on a stand seems to be fine. Using a lot of the paint mixes Salad gave me made the colors for the kit “pop” in ways that really opened my eyes to the uses of using colored primers to prep parts and making more effective paint mixes. In true Salad style, I tried to capture the presence of the kit in standing poses using a mix of low and high angles which really sell the kit without having to really mess with the kit and risk scratching the paint.

Of course, I added in some of my own unique poses as well.

Doing this kit was a much needed breath of fresh air! Next kit up, MG Kyrios!

Build Details


  • Unique, slimmed down design
  • Fantastic articulation making it possible to create some unique poses
  • Great introductory kit for the price


  • Feet shape and no ball joints makes standing poses a chore
  • A bit lacking in terms of extra weaponry
  • plastic is riddled with lots of mold sinks: be sure to remove them!

Paints used:


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