The Tallgeese II was originally my first painted kit way back in 2016. As part of my repaint campaign, this kit was pretty high up on my to-do list! What a difference 4 years makes huh?

The Tallgeese II was one of my first P bandai kits I managed to pick up straight from Japan along with the Altron Gundam. For this repaint, I replaced the blues with a two tone colbalt violet mix and added yellow accents to break up the monotony of the color scheme. Back in 2016, I was using rattle cans to paint and had no way to preshade. Thinking back to then, I wish I had made the investment into airbrushing much earlier!

After putting this kit into a few poses, it became clear to me that the RG version of the Tallgeese is the definitive version of the kit since it made several improvements to the kits articulation. It was a nightmare to get this kit into certain poses particularly the pose holding the dober rifle, but I hope you enjoy the photoshoot! Next up, RX-78-2 Global!

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