Here it is, the companion build to my Ms. GM kitbash, Mr. GM! Since this kitbash is for is for the JoJo Hobby and Stuff GM contest, I had to give it cool name and decided on GM Vanquisher. I also came up with some lore for the kit: This GM lost its arm in a decisive battle on Earth but emerged victorious and from that day, grafted its opponent’s arm on as a trophy. As a duo with Ms. GM, the GM vanquisher serves as long range support and defensive purposes, whereas Ms GM provides mid-range suppression and eliminating enemies at close range with its beam weaponry. Together, these two GMs are a fearsome duo to be matched up against due to how well they are able to support each other in battle.

The main goal for the design of this kit was to give it sort of “bionic commando” feel with its asymmetrical design and OG GM cannon design with dual shoulder cannons. For this build, I kitbashed the P bandai GM cannon (space assault type) with the HGBF GM/GM shoulder and arm. For the right arm, I used a spare one I had from the HG Gipsy Avenger and the shoulder cannon from the HG RX-78-2 Origin. It was my first time using pink surfacer on a kit, but it really helps the reds pop! Lastly, I chose to use @Mech_Case’s resin hands to give the proper expressions i’ve been looking for when posing my kits!

Being my second competition this year, it’d be a stroke of luck if I won again, seeing as how there are some strong entries from @colonydrop and @Redux, but I’ll try my best. Good luck to all the contestants!

Edit: Won 2nd place! I’m doing pretty well in contests this year!

Kits used

  • HG GM Cannon (Space Assault Type)
  • HG GM/GM
  • HG Gypsy Avenger (arm)
  • HG Rx-78 Origin (shoulder cannon)
  • Resin hands from @Mech_Case

Paints Used:

  • Yellow: Orange yellow
  • White: Intermediate blue followed by Gaia ex white
  • Black: Mr. Color Tire black
  • Red: Base coat Finisher’s Foundation Pink then 80%Gaia Bright red+ 20% Mr. Color Purple
  • Visor blue: Gaia flourscent blue with some clear blue
  • Gunmetal: Gaia Star bright iron

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