The MG Sazabi and Nu Ver. Ka were two of my first MG kits I made when I started building gunpla in 2016. Though they are amazing kits, both take up far too much space in my display case and are difficult to pose. The solution? Replace those kits with the stellar RG kits and show what i’ve learned over the course of four years! Even though I must say the MG is more detailed, Bandai did a fantastic job of shrinking the Sazabi to 1/144 scale while making it infinitely more poseable than its 1/100 counterpart!

For this build, I went all out on the beam effect parts and funnel effect parts. I am a big fan of the delphi decals i ordered for this kit as the gold decals in particular are highlighted really well by the reds I used for this kit. I also did some light scribing on this kit, which is something I should try more often in order to improve my scribing work. Since I had a spare shield leftover from kitbashing a previous RG Sazabi into a Sigma kitbash, I was able to use it so the sazabi could have dual beam shields! Thankfully, the connection for these shields is a bit more stable than the MG ver ka!

Amuro better watch out!

Seeing how well the Sazabi turned out, I cant wait to finish the RG Nu soon so I can finally take pictures of Char and Amuro’s epic showdown! Hopefully this time it’ll be 100x easier to get these kits into the right poses! Until then, check out the photo gallery below!

Weapon poses

Build Details


  • Incredible job shrinking down all the detail of the Ver Ka. kit into 1/144 form
  • Far more posable than its 1/100 counterpart and falls apart less often
  • 1/2 the price of the MG!
  • Comes with several types of hands for posing plus great beam effect parts!
  • funnels are compatible with new bandai effect parts


  • Awkward to pose the rifle in its hand due to the shape of the wrist and rifle
  • No waterslides included like its MG counterpart
  • Long rifle not included

Paints Used:

  • Yellow: Orange yellow
  • White: Gaia ex white
  • Inner frame gray: Gaia Joint gray
  • Red: Black preshade fthen 70% Red Madder+30% Rlm23red. Added yellow for post shader
  • Lighter red: Black preshade then 50% wine red+30% gaia flame red+ 20% white.
  • Black: Flat black followed with a few drops of white for highlights
  • Dark Grey:
  • Silver: EX Gundam Silver Marker
  • Green: Base coat silver followed by fluorescent green
  • Tamiya TS 100, Bright gun metal

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