My kit collection is severely lacking in Zeon suits, so I decided to pick up the HG Efreet Schneid. Although I really love the design on the kit, it is severely lacking in the weapon variety department. To remedy this, I bought a HG gouf JUST to loot its heat sabers and used some spare 30mm parts I had leftover from the bracket challenge.

There! How’s that for an upgrade! One of the reasons I love this kit so much is because its unique take on the Zaku design. 14 heat darts as part of its design? Count me in! The Efreet also utilizes a less commonly used color scheme: purple/maroon. The end result is a kit that sticks out well in your display! The HG version is also a more cost effective, articulate and available option than the P-bandai version of this kit. My only complaint with the Efreet is its glaring seam lines in the legs, forearms and shoulders. Nothing that a little putty can’t fix though! I’m extremely pleased with the way this kit turned out and would recommend it for any fans of the design!

Melee Weaponry


Build Details


  • Fresh and unique take on the Zaku design
  • Good articulation (legs & arms) and color separation
  • Comes with 14 knives!
  • Far cheaper and better stocked than its P-bandai RE-100 variant


  • A bit lacking in terms of weapon variety (hence why I added missile pods and heat sabers)
  • Seamlines are a pain to seal, and pretty apparent!
  • Monoeye tends to move around on its own easily leading to constant re-adjustment
  • Some stickers that for areas that are awkward to mask and paint

Paints Used:

  • Light Purple: Black preshade followed by 50% flat white+ 40%clear red +10% purple. Added drops of white for highlights
  • Maroon: Black preshade followed by 40% russet+ 30% clear red+20% purple + 10% clear blue. Used drops of leftover light purple mix for highlights
  • Yellow: Base coat of Orange, then add white for preshade. Then a mix of orange and orange-yellow (not exactly sure, but more orange)
  • Gray frame: 60% Gaia neutral gray III +20% Gaia neutral gray IV +20% purple
  • White: Black preshade followed by Gaia steel white
  • Silver: Alclad stainless steel

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