Dear Bandai, where is my RG/MG2.0 GP02? In the meantime, I thought I’d do justice to the GP01 Full Burnern Gundam seeing as how Stardust Memory is my favorite Gundam OVA (with Gundam Thunderbolt coming a close second!). For an OVA from 1991, Stardust Memory’s animation still shines by today’s standards and I’d highly recommend checking it out if you haven’t if you haven’t already. Rewatching the series recently gave me the motivation to finish up the GP01 line that’s been sitting in my backlog for quite some time!

For this build, i put to use a lot of the preshading techniques i’ve learned over the past year. I’ll admit it’s a bit hard to do smooth shading with the tiny parts of a RG kit, but using a smaller needle airbrush helped a bit. For comparison, check out the GP01 Zeph I made in 2017:

Hopefully I’ve made some progress since then! I tried painting some of the finer details in the joints, thrusters and armor which turned out pretty well. Check out the difference in detail!

The GP01 FB shares a lot of parallels to the Zephranthes, being better equipped for use in space. Similarly, the two RG builds share a lot of the same parts, with the same inner frame, arms, legs and head. The difference between the kits lies in the shoulder armor and thrusters. Even though you’ll be getting bulkier kit with the FB, both kits surprisingly have similar range of articulation, though you’ll have to move the thruster bells backwards to avoid colliding with the shoulders. That being said, both kits suffer from the same issue of having arms coming loose when moving them and the top body becoming misaligned. This due to the neat core fighter gimmick they were able to implement in a 1/144 scale kit. While it is impressive they were able to put a fully functioning core fighter in a small kit, it makes posing the kit a pain since you’ll constantly be adjusting the arms and body from coming loose.

Since I’ve been gone for a while, I’ll be posting two builds this month, so expect another one before the end of this leap year month! Until then, enjoy the photo gallery!

Action Shots

GP01 Line

Build Details


  • Comes with 1/144 scale core fighter gimmick and beam effect parts
  • Incredibly detailed and with two-tone whites
  • Nails the classic gundam look with plenty of panel line details


  • Core fighter gimmick makes kit stability worse, especially when posing
  • Arms can easily pop out of connection pegs when moving
  • Better suited for flight poses using a stand due weight issues with the huge backpack

Paints Used:

  • Blue: 70% Gaia Colbalt blue+20% Bright blue+ 10%white. Added white for highlights
  • Yellow: 60% White+40%Orange-yellow
  • White: intermediate blue preshade followed by white
  • Grey-white: Intermediate blue preshade followed by 90% white+10% joint grey
  • Red: Black preshade the 70% Red Madder+30% Rlm23red. Added yellow for post shade
  • Pink: Mixed wine red with white to get a hot pink color
  • Grey: Neutral Grey
  • Tamiya TS 100, Bright gun metal

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