After a year of creating gunpla Megaman X kitbashes, it seems my prayers for an official kit were answered from Kotobukiya! I couldn’t be more pleased with the look of the kit especially since they’ve replicated the aesthetics of Megaman from X4!

Believe it or not, after a few years of building Gunpla, I finally figured out how to “properly” close seamlines! I used to just put a bit of cement between the seamline and call it a day, but with the amount of seamlines on this kit, proper sanding and even putty are required to make this kit look good! Without this, the kit is a relatively fast build with few parts, with much of the time being dedicated to making the surfaces as smooth as possible. The kit comes with several extras including addition face plates and a dash and charge shot effect parts. In combination with the great articulation of the kit, you can even cross X’s arms over his chest to make some neat photos like so:

Hopefully, you’ll have as much fun making charge shot pics as I did!

Aesthetically, this kit is all I have wanted from a Megaman X kit, and with the additional ability to interchange parts from the newly released Max armor kit (his X3 armor), the options to display and customize X are greatly expanded. This is the kind of X kit I’ve always wanted to have! While I hope I pick up the Max armor soon, I’m also excited that Kotobukiya is already working on a Zero kit! Guess that means pretty soon my gunpla megaman kitbashes are going to be obsolete!

Action poses

Charge Shot

Kitbash Colab

Build Details


  • Incredibly accurate portrayal of X
  • Includes 3 expressive and detailed face plates as well as charge shot/dash effect parts
  • Flexible and articulate
  • Can be cross-fitted with armor upgrades for upcoming Full-armor X kit


  • Seamlines stick out everywhere…better learn how to seal them!
  • Figma stand doesn’t seem to fit with the kit?
  • Swappable hands for some reason seem huge proportion-wise

Paints Used:

  • White: Flat black preshade then flat white
  • Blue: Flat black preshade then 70%Bright blue+30%white. Added a few drops of white for highlights
  • Light Blue armor: Flat black preshade Added white for highlights
  • Sky blue(Charge Shot): 80% Sky blue+20%white. Added white for highlights
  • Red:  Gaia 003 gloss bright red
  • Fluorescent Pink: Black base coat, then 70% Flourescent pink+30% White
  • Black: Flat Black followed by white highlights
  • Tamiya TS 100, Bright gun metal

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