RX-78-2 GTO Version

Seeing as how it’s the 40th anniversary of the Gundam franchise, I figure I’d finish off the year by building the grandaddy RX-78-2 GTO version. Although the RX-78-2 has several different MG versions, I figured I’d pick the GTO version since it has incredible articulation and a new shoulder cannon that adds some interesting flair to the original design without being over-the-top. Did I mention that I love effect parts? I just had to have them in my effect part collection!

For this build I left the color scheme true to the original color scheme adding some light shading and highlights where I could. The kit comes with two versions of the beam rifle, beam sabers, a beam shield, a shoulder cannon and bazooka. While this isn’t a revolutionary amount of additional weapons, (wheres the beam javelin?) the range of movement is where the kit really shines. I tried to get creative with the poses, creating some iconic poses from the show and making use of the leg/foot articulation to make some good running shots.

For being the original Gundam, my display has a surprising lack of Granddad gundams. I am a bit disappointed that the rumor of a PG RX-78-2 2.0 didn’t come true, but with the year coming to a close, the GTO RX-78-2 was a perfect kit to end the 40th anniversary of Gundam. I’m hoping to squeeze in the Kotobukiya Megaman X kit before the end of the year, but no guarantees! Regardless, it’ll be my next build either this year or at the start of the next decade!

Beam Rifle Poses

Beam saber poses

Build Details


  • Classic & well articulated design (debatably better than the 3.0)
  • Feasible new additions to the classic design that aren’t over-the-top
  • Nifty effect parts included with the build
  • Great panel lining and detailing opportunities


  • No Core Fighter included
  • “Ankle” armor is a bit loose and wobbly
  • Fingers are a bit difficult to pose correctly

Paints Used:

  • White:Intermediate Blue (60%) + white (40%) preshade. Then White (100%)
  • Off White: Black preshade then Off White + few drops of grey
  • Blue: Cobalt Blue (60%) + Bright Blue (30%) + White (10%) + drop of Fluro Pink base coat. White is added in to the mixture for highlights.
  • Red: Black preshade then Wine Red (70%) + Russet (30%) + few drops of yellow. Added drops of yellow for highlights
  • Yellow: Mr. Color 113 – RLM04 Yellow
  • Grey: 90% dark grey+10% white. Added white for highlights
  • Dark Grey: Dark Grey. Added white for highlights
  • Copper: Mr Metal Color 215 Copper
  • Tamiya TS 100, Bright gun metal
  • Tamiya TS 30 Silver Leaf

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