Katoki’s version of the Wing Gundam is probably one of my favorite of the Gundam Wing designs, but I avoided the the Ver. Ka version and MG release since they have serious balancing issues with the wings and rifle. I hoped a 2.0 would help alleviate those problems, but the Hi Res version will have to do for now!

I got my hands on some E7 paint, and I’ve got to say it’s pretty great. The Indigo paint nailed the color of blue I’ve tried to achieve, so probably be restocking it for future builds! The florescent green mix was also a nice accent for the core and beam saber effect parts. While I can’t say if this is one of my best works objectively, it is definitely one of the most aesthetically pleasing kits I have in my display case. The combination of colors and the shading done are some of the things I am most proud of.

This being the first time I’ve built a Hi-Res version, I was really impressed by the redesigned proportions of the kit, particularly the bulkier legs to fit the huge wings of the kit. While the wings throw off the balance of the kit, it is possible to get them in a position where the kit can be upright without a stand. Thankfully, the buster rifle comes with a kind of clip-in mechanism that helps hold up the weight of the ridiculously huge buster rifle. So there! This kit took care of my main complaints of the previous kits!

However this kit doesn’t come without its shortcomings. Being a HiRM kit, you don’t get to assemble the inner frame of the kit, but rather get a pre-made frame that is just passable in terms of quality. Additionally the parts on the back of the wrists and side of the head come loose extremely easily, so it was a pain to get them to stay put for the photoshoot!

While this kit costs as much as a perfect grade, I think its the closest we’ll get to a 2.0 anytime soon. Given the huge improvements to the stability of the kit, (plus the discount I got!) I’d say it’s a worthwhile kit if you’re a fan of the design!

Final shot/Buster Rifle

Beam Saber Shots

Bird mode

Build Details


  • Altered proportions help fit the size of the wings
  • Kit is easy to assemble and looks great out of the box
  • Improves on many of the balancing issues present in the ver ka and MG/RG versions including being able to hold up the buster rifle!
  • Waterslides are included


  • As expensive as a Perfect grade!
  • Probably means there isn’t a 2.0 coming anytime soon
  • Parts that fall off incredibly easily
  • Inner frame is a bit on the cheap side

Paints Used:

  • White:Intermediate Blue (60%) + white (40%) preshade. Then White (100%)
  • Off White: Black preshade then Off White + few drops of grey
  • Blue: Grey primer followed by E7 Indigo 80%++20%colbalt blue+10%white.  Added White for highlights
  • Red: Black preshade then Wine Red (70%) + Russet (30%) + few drops of yellow. Added drops of yellow for highlights
  • Yellow: E7 Orca Yellow
  • Green: Fluorescent green+some white
  • Grey: 90% dark grey+10% white. Added white for highlights
  • Dark Grey: Dark Grey. Added white for highlights
  • Copper: Mr Metal Color 215 Copper
  • Tamiya TS 100, Bright gun metal

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