When the Alex 2.0 was announced, I thought that it would look awesome in Titans colors, and seeing how it was one of the precursors to the RX-178 MkII, the Alex Gundam 2.0 fit the role perfectly!

For this kit I tried to match the RX-178’s Titan color scheme as much as closely as possible, and it was made simple with the Titan colors line from Mr. Color’s Gundam color paints! I used Titans color 2 mainly on the Alex Gundam to get the blueish-purple color, and used Titans color 1 on the Chobam armor and add some color variation to the Alex Gundam. Luckily, I had enough spare Titans decals lying around to capture the look of a Titans produced MS!

The kit sports the classic UC Gundam design with some nifty gimmicks and incredible articulation. The Alex Gundam 2.0 has plenty of movable hatches on the Chobam armor, wrist gatling guns and the shield which look great in action. In terms of articulation, this kit might have some of the best I’ve seen in the RX line with some great movement in the ankles, legs and wrists allowing you to capture some truly dynamic poses. You are also given a number of ways to display the kit, whether its with or without the Chobam armor or a little bit of both! All in all, I’d really recommend this kit for your collection, if you don’t already have too many RX variants already!


Action Poses

Chobam Armor

Alex Gundam with Al

Build Details


  • Plenty of display options with the outer frame and Chobam armor, or a combination of both
  • Chrome silver parts are a great addition to the kit
  • Incredibly articulated joints for the arms (with some wrist articulation), legs and front skirts
  • Neat gimmicks including opening and closing hatches for the shield, gatling gun and vents for the Chobam armor
  • Nails the classic UC look with updated design and gimmicks
  • Comes with 3(!) different figures from the 1989 OVA: War in the pocket


  • “Trash bag” PTSD from FA-78 Full Armor gundam. Careful with that plastic!
  • Not much included in terms of weaponry
  • changing between forms can easily scratch paintwork 

Paints Used:

  • Blue: Titans color 2 followed by white highlights
  • Black: Titans color 1 followed by white highlights
  • Yellow: Tamiya TS-34 Camel yellow
  • Green: Mr Color Florescent green
  • Pink: Mixed wine red with white to get a hot pink color
  • Grey: Neutral Grey
  • Tamiya TS 100, Bright gun metal

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