This build, Project NuType, is dedicated to my soon to be newborn son in the hopes that he won’t destroy my gunpla collection as a toddler!

The Nu Gundam Ver. Ka was the winner of the social media poll I held in April, and as a result, I repainted the Nu Gundam that I had built about 3 years ago when I started getting back into Gunpla. This was certainly not an easy project! For starters, I had lost some of the parts transferring my kits over from China to the US, including the stand. I was able to replace missing funnels with the BTF double funnel set however. The reason I chose these funnels rather than the p-bandai double funnel set was partially due to their unique look, but more so due to the funnel connection design. The funnels not only fit together securely, but also come with an option to use an additional connection piece to connect a group of 4 funnels together.


This is something I hope Bandai incorporates into the upcoming RG Nu Gundam!

For the repaint, I first had to take apart this beast of a kit which had a ton of tightly fit pieces (especially the arm!) while trying not to break them in the process. I added in some smaller details like painting pipes bronze and using Mr. Crystal color for the inner psychoframe. Instead of the usual grey paint for preshading, I used a light blue mix for the white pieces, which I think looks a bit more defined in the end result. Even though scraping off all the decals was a pain, the end result was worth it, as it adequately represents the progress I’ve made as a builder over the past three years!

Original Build Vs. Repaint

Unfortunately, since I won’t have much free time after my son is born, this will be the last “new” build for a while. The good news is that I’ve already completed several kits/kitbashes to compensate in the meantime! All that is needed to be done is to take photos of these kits. So, for the next few months, I’ll still be updating with builds, just with ones I’ve made in my spare time over the past few months. I’m also looking to get my hands on the MG Alex Gundam 2.0 soon, so there will still be a lot of content to come!

Build details to follow the gallery! * I lost the original stand, so no cool funnel pictures until I get a replacement for the stand next month!

Build Details

Paints Used:

  • White:Intermediate Blue (60%) + white (40%) preshade. Then White (100%)
  • Off White: Black preshade then Off White + few drops of grey
  • Blue: Grey primer followed by 70%Navy Blue+20% Purple+10%bright blue.  Added White for highlights
  • Red: Black preshade then Wine Red (70%) + Russet (30%) + few drops of yellow. Added drops of yellow for highlights
  • Yellow: Mr. Color 113 – RLM04 Yellow
  • Green Psychoframe: Black basecoat followed by Mr Crystal Color Tourmaline Green
  • Grey: 90% dark grey+10% white. Added white for highlights
  • Dark Grey: Dark Grey. Added white for highlights
  • Copper: Mr Metal Color 215 Copper
  • Tamiya TS 100, Bright gun metal
  • Tamiya TS 30 Silver Leaf

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