It’s been a while since I’ve made a grunt suit, and this one is by far the best-looking one I’ve built! The Jesta Cannon comes armed to the teeth with weaponry and doesn’t really suffer from many of the common articulation problems similar MS have with excess weaponry. I did some slight changes to the color scheme like painting the extra armor pieces the same navy blue and using a light blue mix rather than the default turquoise. This is one grunt suit I’d hate to see get shot down!

The Jesta cannon has a pretty nifty option to increase its leg mobility; if you slide the armor on the knee joint down, the leg can almost bend all the way back! This helped a lot with the poses I made for the photoshoot. The jesta cannon also gives you the option to build the backpack from the original with the shield, but not enough parts to build both backpacks, so you’ll have to choose between the two. For this build I used decal factory waterslides and gundam led rather than the official bandai ones. The kit was also a good chance to do some detail painting, so I painted the missile pods russet and some of the extra armor plates grey after doing some pre-shading. All in all, I’d highly recommend this kit if you can get it at p bandai prices that haven’t been over-inflated! Maybe I’ll pick up a base jabber for it sometime in the future? 💸

Kit review and build details to follow the gallery!

Action Poses

How I snapped the previous pic!

Build Details


  • Beefed-up grunt suit appeal
  • Great potential for detailing with weaponry included
  • Great articulation (legs joint can extend for extra mobility)
  • Backpack from original Jesta is interchangeable with Jesta Cannon’s


  • 2.0 hands are a bit too delicate and hard to pose
  • Kit includes OG Jesta runners, but can’t fully build both sets of weapons (missing polycap and trigger connection joint)
  • Shoulders have bad seamlines

Paints Used:

  • Dark blue: Grey primer followed by 70%Navy Blue+20% Purple+10%bright blue.  Added White for highlights
  • Light Blue armor: Preshade w/ Dark grey then 70% white+30%intermediate blue+a few drops of Mr. Gundam color, UG14 for added hint of blue.
  • Red:  Mr. Color Russet
  • Light grey armor : Black preshade followed by Blueish Grey+drops of UG14 for added hint of blue
  • Grey: Black preshade followed by 90% neutral grey+10% white
  • Tamiya TS 100, Bright gun metal
  • Tamiya TS 30 Silver Leaf

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