Mobile Suit Gundam 00 was the series that got me back into Gundam/gunpla back in 2016, so imagine my disappointment when I found out that the Exia, 00 Gundam and GN-X were the only suits that received the Master Grade treatment since the series debut in 2007! Coincidentally the first MG i built following my return was the Exia Ignition. Back then I aspired to create a kit on par with modelers like GoodGuyDan’s or YJ’s (Saint-Ism) Exia builds. Needless to say, my first build was far from what I had hoped for (see below)! Lo and behold nearly three years later, we finally get a MG release for the 00 Gundam season 1 dream team, so it was a good chance to show what I have learned over that period of time!

For this build I tried out BOTH pre-shading and highlight on the green pieces, which although more time consuming, turned out great and really helps contrast the parts. The kit has a lot of great detailing and panel lining opportunities, so I took the chance to paint some of the joints copper, and tiny GN missile pods orange helping break up some of the color monotony. The end result gave the kit a more “industrial” look which I feel is appropriate with the series cannon. I also decided to test out LED’s I ordered from Gundamled.com and I have to say these are miles ahead of the bandai ones since they can be controlled by magnet (rather than having to pull apart the kit) and glow brighter. I’d highly recommend giving them a try!

What’s most surprising about this kit is that there aren’t any unused runners or parts meaning that this kit wasn’t based off an existing design but rather designed from the ground up. As youtuber MechaGaikotsu pointed out, these runners are labeled “GN Frame” making it likely that these will be reused to make more kits for the Celestial Being team! The new design is noticeable step up from the MG Exia in terms of design and sturdiness. When the kit was announced, I had worries that the GN shields attached to the shoulders of kit would be flimsy and affect the balance of the kit. Luckily, the shields are sturdy, well-articulated, and most importantly, don’t cause your kit to topple over! As an added bonus, the pilot figures included in the kit are excellent, so it’s a good chance to try out hand painting. If this kit is an indication of other MG 00 gundam kits to come, I’m definitely on board!

Build details and kit review to follow the gallery:

GN Rifle

GN Pistols

Lockon Stratos


My first MG and most current

Build Details


  • Simple & well articulated design
  • 0 left over runners/pieces meaning this kit was designed from the ground-up rather than being based off an existing kit
  • Long-awaited MG from Mobile suit 00 Gundam that isn’t an Exia Variant (also noticeably more sturdy)
  • GN Shields/backpack are sturdy and won’t disrupt the balancing of the kit (not much toppling!)
  • Great panel lining and detailing opportunities
  • Amazing work on the pilot figures


  • Sniper rifle Bipod is parts swapping rather than just being a gimmick of its original design
  • Missile pods aren’t color correct (Grey instead of orange)
  • Feet are a bit finicky to position correctly
  • Need to be extremely careful placing the sticker for the clear chest piece (messed mine up a little)

Paints Used:

  • Green: Preshade w/ Black then 60%Bright Green+30% RLM82 Light Green +10% Bright blue. After mixing, added unspecified amount of white to adjust the shade of green accordingly. Added White for highlights
  • White: Preshade w/ Dark grey then 100% white
  • Red:  Preshade w/ black then 100% Wine red
  • Yellow: Mr. Color 113 – RLM04 Yellow
  • Orange: Mr Color Orange yellow
  • Grey: 90% dark grey+10% white. Added white for highlights
  • Copper: Mr Metal Color 215 Copper
  • Tamiya TS 100, Bright gun metal
  • Tamiya TS 30 Silver Leaf

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