Last year I started building my own team of Titans-themed mobile suits to match the 5 pilot layout introduced in Gundam Build Divers. Obviously, the team was inspired by the Ginyu Force from DBZ, so I chose an extremely varied team to fit the bill. The Team is comprised of:

  • Titan Unit 01- Galbaldy Reincar Rebake
  • Titan Unit 02- RX-0 Banshee
  • Titan Unit 03- RMS-154 Barzam
  • Titan Unit 04- RX-160 Byarlant
  • Titan Unit 05- Master Gundam

It wasn’t easy to get these kits into poses, especially the larger mobile suits, but I did my best. I tried to get them into various poses depicted in the show!

We are…the Titan Force!

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