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My collection of Zeta kits is growing!  At the beginning of this year, I built the RE 100 version where I dug the design, but wasn’t entirely pleased with the end result.  Now with the new release of the HGUC version, I have a second chance to make the kit!  I went with a color scheme more reminiscent of the original, opting for a more greenish color rather than blue.  Back then, this kind of color scheme would have been impossible for me, as I am limited to the colors I could get with spray cans.  I remember sometimes buying a can, only to find out that it wasn’t the shade of color I wanted to use in my build.  Now that I’m airbrushing and mixing paints, I can come up with virtually any color I want!  

The Jagd Doga and Dijeh have shades of green that aren’t easy to nail.  At first I went with a ratio of approximately 80% white+20 % bright green.  After painting the parts, it seemed too light for my liking, so I adjusted my paint to a ratio of about 60% white+ 40% bright green + a few drops of neutral gray.  The second coat practically wiped out the preshading I did on the green pieces, but this gave the shade of green I was looking for that I previously couldn’t obtain with spray cans.  Highlighting is a pretty difficult technique I’m trying to get better at, but I was able to practice it a bit with the larger green and navy blue pieces.

I’m a big fan of decals, and have tried a lot of them including official Bandai decals, XY, Dalin and horrible knock off 3rd party ones.  To me, good decals can help improve your kit’s presence and overall finish.  I’ve been eyeing decal factory’s waterslides for a while now, due to their unique look and the clearness of the printed font.  I bit the bullet on the pricey shipping cost, and got my hands on a few of them.  Overall, I’m very impressed with how easy they are to use and how good they look!  No longer, do I have to cut to the center of a decal sheet, just to get the one decal I want!  I can simply just peel the one I want off the sheet and mix and match to my liking.  I particularly love the text on their EFSF logos since it’s a nice spin on the traditional ones.  I’d recommend checking out their picking some up if you can deal with the shipping costs!

Build details and kit review to follow the gallery:


Zeta Boys

Build Details


  • Unique asymmetrical design
  • Kit has better balance and articulation than the RE 100 version
  • comes with 2 monoeye choices and several hand manipulators


  • Skirting hinders leg movement
  • Rubber wiring isn’t great
  • Build design doesn’t allow for much waist movement

Paints Used:

  • Green : Grey primer followed by flat black preshade then 60% White + 40% Bright green + a few drops of neutral gray
  • Navy blue: 80% Bright blue + 20% Black
  • Yellow : Mr Color Yellow
  • Pink : Silver base coat then 70% white + 30% red
  • Tamiya TS 100, Bright gun metal
  • Piping: Gundam marker red 

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