Finally! I’ve graduated from spray cans to an airbrush.  It’s certainly been quite an adjustment learning how to use an airbrush, but now that I’ve gotten the hang of it, I wish I had started using it sooner!  Using it, I’ve started learning about techniques that I may have neglected in the past.  For starters, I now have access to a near limitless supply of colors as I can mix paints to my own discretion.  I was able to achieve the the bright orange color on the psycho frame by first spraying a base coat of orange and then spraying tamiya camel yellow (extracted from a spray can) on top of it.  I had originally been aiming for a more yellow-orange color but accidentally ended up with orange-yellow instead.  It looked great, so I decided to keep it!  Up until this point, I had only been using primer before coloring parts, not knowing about how base coats can affect the resulting color finish.

I also got a chance to use some paints that I’ve wanted to use for quite some time: Mr. Hobby Titan’s Blue colors.  These have been able to give me the shade of blue that I’ve wanted to use painting my Build Divers Titans squad.  The reason I chose this Banshee rather than the Banshee Norn is that I personally feel that the Banshee Norn lost some of its more unique weaponry in the Norn kit.  I love the look of both the Armed Armor Beam Smart gun and Vibration Nails, hence I used the HG kit rather than the HG or RG Banshee Norn.

For a 6 year old kit, the HG version of the kit has pretty good articulation and attention to detail, even if you don’t plan on painting this kit.  The way the armor is built on top of the psycho frame is pretty clever, only allowing slivers of the frame to remain visible once built.  The kit even comes with the Beam Magnum, extra hand manipulators and a shield as extra parts!  One gripe is that the kit has quite a large sticker sheet which is mainly used to cover the vents of the kit (might as well color them yourself!)  Sadly, the kit can’t transform like its newer RG counterpart, but unfortunately there is no way to get the Armed Armor weaponry other than this kit.  Surprisingly, there aren’t any P-bandai variants announced yet that have them either.

I’m pretty excited to be using an airbrush on my builds, as I can certainly see the difference.  I’m really looking forward to practicing pre-shading kits now that I have an airbrush.  I only have one more kit to complete to finish my Titans squad, but first I need to finish up several kits I’ve built prior to starting airbrushing.  Stay tuned for some Megaman-themed kitbashes!

Kit review and build details to follow the gallery!


Armed Armor Weaponry

VS RX-0 Unicorn



Build Details


  • Good Articulation
  • Clever design; armor built up around psycho frame parts
  • unique weaponry distinguishes it from the Unicorn
  • additional weaponry and manipulators included!


  • No transformation gimmick
  • Big sticker sheet
  • Horn is a bit difficult to fit in properly

Paints Used:

  • Mr Color Gundam Color Titans Blue 1
  • Mr Color Gundam Color Titans Blue 2
  • TS 30, Silver Leaf
  • Tamiya TS 12, Orange (base coat)
  • Tamiya TS 34, Camel Yellow (Extracted for use with airbrush)
  • Tamiya TS 100, Bright gun metal


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