YOSHAAAAA!  I built this figure-rise kit as a gift for my brother’s birthday, and it turned out so nicely, I want one for myself!  This kit also taught me some new non-airbrush shading techniques!  When I first got back into gunpla, I bought many Gundam real-touch markers, foolishly thinking that it would make my gunpla look nice being colored in marker.  After years of not using them (and some research), I realized that they give a nice shading effect when applied the seams and creases of skin and clothing.  It gave the skin of the Vegito kit some nice contrast and the clothes a nice texture.  I’ll definitely be trying these out on gunpla before I get an airbrush.  Hopefully that’s soon!

The kit also has a very interesting build process:  the kit has you construct the eyes by layering the pupil and eyebrows to fit onto the face, and putting together the layers of hair.  Making the kit into Vegito blue, wasn’t too difficult;  I just sprayed the hair pieces silver before coating them with Tamiya light blue.  The Dragonball Figure-Rise kits also use a “muscle build up” system where you overlap parts of the arm to give them the muscular look as in the show.  These parts are very well articulated, and look even more defined if you use the aforementioned Gundam real-touch marker shading technique.  I guess my only big complaint is that if you paint the kit, it will be more prone to paint scratches as you’ll probably try to replicate the acrobatic poses from the show.

Speaking of poses, I worked to recreate a lot of poses seen in Dragonball Fighter Z and the show (surprise! Vegito Blue is on my main team) to the best of my ability.  I like the included energy sword that you can elongate with more pieces.  It gave me some ideas that I might implement in future kit bashes!  I’m a big Dragonball fan, so I might consider picking up a few kits for myself soon!



Action shots:


Final Kamehameha Slideshow


Spirit Sword



Kit Review:

  • Interesting build up system and well articulated limbs
  • Many different kinds of hand manipulators included
  • small sticker sheet


  • Several seam lines to deal with
  • Comes with action base connector, but base and stand are not included
  • Only two facial expressions to choose from

Paints used:

  • Tamiya TS 44, Brilliant Blue
  • Tamiya TS 23, Light Blue
  • Tamiya TS 30, Silver Leaf
  • Tamiya TS 12, Orange
  • Gold and silver paint markers
  • Gundam Real Touch Marker GM 406, Gray 3
  • Gundam Real Touch Marker GM 405, Orange 1



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