Lately, I’ve been enjoying exploring world of Hollow Knight on my switch and I realized that the new figure-rise Kamen Rider kit had some close similarities to the cloaked protagonist of the game!  Though it’s much taller in stature, the drill crusher and unique head shape fit nicely into the Hollow Knight color scheme.  While not a full cloak, I modded the cape from the RG Exia repair onto the back of the Kamen Rider kit.  The cape has limited movement but can be adjusted for making poses.

The kit itself has some great articulation in the arms, legs and waist making it relatively easy for putting into nice action poses.  However, the kit has a ton of stickers to be applied, so be weary if you plan on making a straight build (luckily that didn’t apply to me!).  I tried to replicate some of the spells/abilities that the Knight can do in the game using both an action base and effect parts which led to some nice shots.  Overall, I had a lot of  fun with this kit, and since I enjoyed my first experience with the Figure-Rise kits, I’m thinking I might pick up some of the Dragon Ball ones!

Build details to follow the gallery. Enjoy!


Hollow Knight Abilities:

Action Poses:

Great Slash
Charging up!


Resting on his bench

Build Details

Kits Used:

  • Figure-Rise Kamen Rider Build Rabbit tank Form
  • RG Exia Repair option parts

Paints Used:

  • Tamiya TS 27 Matte White
  • Tamiya TS 30, Silver Leaf
  • Tamiya TS 82, Rubber black
  • Tamiya AS 8, Navy Blue

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