The new build divers kits are pretty unique and the Astray No Name is no exception.  Given that the Astray has a ton of variations, I wanted to give my own spin on the new Build Divers Astray No Name.  For my build, I tried to replicate the color scheme of the Gundam Astray Blue Frame Second L (MBF-P03 second L).  I love how the blue and orange color complement work together so perfectly and wonder why it isn’t used more frequently (though giving some serious consideration into getting the Duel Gundam!) in gunpla.

While the kit itself has a unique and well-articulated design, it does come with a few caveats:

  • The cape itself is nicely articulated, but it can’t seamlessly transform between its various modes (no claw and sword mode?) and is instead parts-forming.
  • In my own personal experience building the kit, I broke one of the horns on assembly, so do take caution in building the head!
  • For those planning on just making an out of box build, there have been some complaints about the color accuracy of the kit, so it can be hit or miss depending on your preference.

Given the downsides of the kit, I think it’s one that those planning on making custom builds will enjoy.  The asymmetrical design and transformable cape are things that I can envision being used in kitbashes and with the number of Astray color variations, I’m sure modelers will enjoy replicating these with this kit.

Kit review and build details following the image gallery. Enjoy!



B Smartgun shots:


X Connect and beam saber shots:


WIP color correction


Kit Review:

  • Asymmetrical and unique design
  • Good Articulation and movable cape
  • Fairly small sticker sheet
  • Great kit for kitbashing or making custom builds


  • Partsforming cape can’t seamlessly transform
  • Movable horns used on the head are extremely fragile
  • Out of box build isn’t color accurate

Paints used:

  • Tamiya TS 44, Brilliant Blue
  • Tamiya TS 15, Blue
  • Tamiya TS 82, Rubber black
  • Mr. Color SG 58, Orange Yellow

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