Leo NPD Ver Gundam Wing


After making the Megaman X Leo NPD kitbash, I was left with a ton of spare parts left over, so I decided to make the Leo NPD using spare parts and painting it OG Leo colors.  After finishing the paint work, I felt like it resembled Master Chief (or green biker dude from X2?)  a bit, though it wasn’t my intention at all.  Perhaps someone will make a more faithful rendition?  I am expecting a lot of creative kitbashes to come from using this kit with all the unique head and shoulder options that come with the kit.

This is sort of a mini-review I didn’t have planned.  I was messing around with this kit and the result turned out better than I had expected!  Next week, there will be a more traditional full review of the Gundam Wing variety.  Kit review (for the Leo NPD) and build details following the image gallery. Enjoy!

Guns blazing
Back view


The two mobile suits  I created with this kit
X and Master Chief working together?


Kit Review (Leo NPD):

  • Great articulation in legs and arms
  • Beginner friendly kit
  • Great for painting and weathering practice
  • Affordable price point
  • 5 sets of unique heads and 3 shoulders included!  Kit provides both the Leo NPD and HGAC Leo armor for use. Incredible for use in kitbashes.


  • Seamlines need to be fixed
  • ankle armor falls off often when posing

Paints used:

  • Mr Gundam Color Spray SG 06 MS Green
  • Tamiya TS 30 Silver Leaf
  • Tamiya TS 38, gun metal
  • Tamiya TS 82, Rubber black
  • Tamiya TS 34 Camel Yellow

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