GM Sniper II Ver. Thunderbolt

MG GM Sniper II Gundam Thunderbolt Style

I’ve seen some pretty good custom paint jobs used for this kit, so I made my own!  I chose the color scheme based on the Full Armor Gundam from Gundam Thunderbolt.  It was pretty fun to try to get the color scheme as close as possible to the Full Armor Gundam down to the more intricate details.  I’m sure this GM would wreak some havoc before being utterly destroyed on the battlefield! The build itself is pretty solid with good articulation.  Putting the kit in various poses with the sniper rifle is fairly easy as well.  Kit review and build details following the image gallery. Enjoy!


Dual Machine gun Gallery


Sniper Rifle Gallery


View of the kit



Kit Review:

  • Lots of intricate details
  • Great articulation in legs, feet and shoulders.
  • Head has great articulation and is able to move forward (quite far!) for posing with sniper rifle
  • Great overall look and design
  • Easy to pose and put into sniping poses
  • Quick and quality build


  • Arms tend to get disconnected from the shoulder quite often when posing.
  • Head scope tends to get to scrape against paint on head when putting up or down.
  • **For some reason, the open palm manipulators couldn’t fit into the hand

Paints used:

  • Mr. Color S81, Russet
  • Tamiya TS 15, Blue
  • Tamiya TS 12, Orange
  • Tamiya TS 45, Pearl White
  • Tamiya TS 38, gun metal
  • Tamiya TS 42, light gun metal
  • Tamiya TS 82, Rubber black
  • Tamiya TS 28, Olive Drab 2


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