I’ve been working at an English training school in China. Our company has a prize container where students can exchange stamps they get from work they do in class or good behavior. I’ve steadily been donating gunpla (usually ones I didn’t end up digging) as a motivator for kids to work hard to get these rewards. Since I’m leaving China, I decided to make one last kit and make it special for my students!



Kit Review:

  • Inner frame design akin to MG kits
  • Affordability
  • Great overall look and design
  • Few stickers to add


  • Bulky shoulder and leg joints stifle mobility

Paints used:

  • Tamiya TS 21 Gold
  • Tamiya TS 34, Camel yellow
  • Tamiya TS 38, gun metal
  • Tamiya TS 42, light gun metal
  • Tamiya TS 82, Rubber black

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